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Platform for Cloud Servers

Our CPD Cloud is the most flexible service, suitable for every need: from projects that need to manage a single server, SMEs require a more complex platform, to deploy a real data center in the cloud. With this solution you can grow with your project. Start with basic resources and resize at any time is easy and convenient.

Cloud technology overcomes the efficiency of traditional hardware, offering a unique solution based on different layers on the architecture of your company structure. Your project will be housed in one of the most modern Data Centers in Europe and has the best partners and the accreditations and certifications of the most recognized international organizations. This allows us to have full confidence in the quality of our establishing agreements to ensure that your service will always be operating services.

You no longer have to invest in new hardare never Server, or items like SAISS or disk arrays, or buy prints of RAM, or stand because of the machines it crashed. We will manage our Virtual Servers with its infrastructure.

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servicio Solventa IT

Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud-based productivity that helps you and your company to connect and work from any location and device. It is simple to use and it allows you to work smarter and get your company to focus on what really matters.
SolventaIT is Official Partner of Google.

Applications to fit your business

Corporate email with integrated Google technology, 30GB storage, offline support, email addresses and more personalized search.

Easily arrange appointments at times that do well at all, receive reminders of meetings and share calendars.

Google Drive lets you store your files in the cloud, share and access them from anywhere.

Create, share and work on documents with all the equipment in real time.

Google Spreadsheets
Manage data spreadsheets faster with graphics that provide the functionality you click to edit the form.

Create presentations together, insert videos and not press “Save” again.

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Backup Online Services

We have online backup solution ideal for any company operating in Windows, Linux or Mac environment. Make backups from one day to another without much difficulty.
Backup Service is the best guarantee for entrepreneurs and managers of the company information is safe in a data center for maximum security. A front-line service that feeds the continuous development with proactive support offered by highly qualified technicians.

The only solution for remote backup that offers up to three types of copy to the user. The remote copy is being done in the data center, remote and local copy allows the same information that is stored offsite company also copy in a local network drive and, as a third option is copy that allows independent and unlimited copies on the local network.

The information is the most critical of a company well and its loss represents great economic losses. This service is a fast, effective and safe method to avoid situations in which the company is inoperative. In the immediate need to recover and restore data after a major incident (theft, fire or flood), only a few clicks will be needed to restore all the information and that the company dispose of it again soon.

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servicio Solventa IT

IP Telephony Cloud

It is a solution that replaces traditional PBX by a hosted cloud service. In this way it does not require a physical unit located at its facility. It requires no initial investment and allows you to remove the maintenance costs of existing phone lines of your company while also reducing the cost of telephone use between 45 and 80%.

With our solution you benefit from all the advanced features at a very low cost. Before installing a new telephone exchange, please contact us for information.

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